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Poster: bradm Date: May 11, 2006 10:39pm
Forum: audio Subject: Thoughts on the new upload procedure

I did my first upload since the upgrade last night, and it worked OK, but there are a few things I think could be improved; they're not show-stoppers, but if the LMA is looking for stuff to improve when it comes to doing uploads, here are my thoughts.

First, I found that a lot of stuff that used to be filled in automagically (e.g., source, lineage, set list, MD5 contents, track info, etc.) now is not filled in, which means I have to copy'n'paste from the info/MD5 files (and since it's done field-by-field, I have to keep flipping back and forth between them).

Second, after filling in all the info and pressing the proceed (or whatever it is) button, I got a window full of very tiny text messages, which I think was a listing of all the individual steps that were to be performed. (Each line was also centred in the window, which made it even harder to read.) The problem with this is that it initially looked like a huge dump of error messages; I eventually realized it wasn't, but I didn't find anything useful about the info, and I wasn't sure what to do next. IIRC, there was a link at the bottom of the window to accept/proceed to the next step, but it could be made a little clearer. (Actually, an overall end-to-end step-by-step procedure, with sample window/screen shots would be a _huge_ help. Unless you're actually doing an upload, all you get told is how to fill out the first form, with no info as to what's coming next.)

Finally, tracking progress now isn't nearly as clear as it used to be. When I went to the contribution centre, I had two lines for the show, but I couldn't tell what either of them meant (and I couldn't find an "expand" link like their used to be; the text was small and crammed into very small boxes). (Again, a step-by-step walk-through with explanations would help here.) With the old procedure, it was pretty easy to know which step the show was at (queued for MD5 check > verifying > deriving > waiting for approval > queued for copying > copying). While I like having the show available immediately, having the derived files added afterwards makes it a bit weird, as I don't like to tell people about the show being available until it's all there. (This may be due to me not being used to how progress gets tracked now.)

All in all, the new procedure seems to work fine, and I've seen systems that were a _lot_ buggier after an upgrade than was the case with the LMA. It was a huge change, and still has a few things to be ironed out, but the curators (and the programmers at should be congratulated for having done the change successfully.